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The Holocaust A Life Changing Event That Made Both The...

The memoirs and stories that we have read and discussed in class have described The Holocaust as a life changing event that made both the conquered and conquerors question if there was any faith left in humanity and what were their true motives. Arguably the most horrific event of the twentieth century and even in Earth’s history, The Holocaust devastated most of Central and Eastern Europe. It separated loved ones, most of the time forever. These stories display the courage and hope of ordinary people who just wanted to make it to the next day, by any means necessary. While reading I noticed that gender played a major role when it came to separating labor camps and concentration camps. Men and women were not allowed to be together at all. This created a disturbing environment for both the men and women that were being forced into these camps. While both groups faced discrimination and physical abuse, women had it much worse. They were often sexually assaulted and even raped by the men who were in charge of them. â€Å"I would have rather gone without food, or worked twenty-four hours straight through, than bear physical punishment† (Klein 174). Gerda explains that the physical punishment they endured was much worse and demoralizing than just working or going without food. The Jewish people basically had no rights and were treated as completely inferior to German men and women. The camp instructors viewed this as a justifiable reason to mistreat the JewishShow MoreRelatedThe Essential Questions5521 Words   |  23 Pageswhich made its great leaps forward among Protestant culture in the seventeenth century. The Renaissance outside of Italy combined a little bit of the old, Italian style with some of the new Northern Renaissance style. This renaissance was spurred by the invention of the printing press. REFORMATION Compare and contrast Martin Luther and John Calvin from economic, religious and social perspectives. Compare and Contrast Martin Luther and John Calvin. Martin Luther and John Calvin were both very importantRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesRosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, EmpireRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesto culture bearers / Ennis Barrington Edmonds. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-19-513376-5 1. Rastafari movement. 2. Jamaica—Religious life and customs. I. Title. BL2532.R37 E36 2002 299†².676—dc21 2002074897 v To Donnaree, my wife, and Donnisa, my daughter, the two persons around whom my life revolves; and to the ancestors whose struggles have enabled us to survive and thrive This page intentionally left blank Foreword One of the most useful things

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Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Essay - 1132 Words

Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Part A: Introduction a. Theoretical Background The rubber band car is a car powered by a single rubber band. Energy efficiency is the amount of energy that is first stored in an object. The physics definition of energy efficiency is very similar. Their term is the linear distance traveled using the energy stored in one rubber band. Energy efficiency is usually found when an objects energy transfers into a different type of energy. For us to find this, we have to attach a rubber band onto the car and release the rubber band to make the car move forward. The physics definition is very reasonable because the rubber is the main and only source of energy that is applied to the car. b. Purpose The purpose†¦show more content†¦20. Record the distance traveled and the time it took to travel that far. C. Sampling and Trials 1. Line up the meter sticks in the hallway. 2. Ready the stop watch. 3. Wind up your rubber band powered vehicle. 4. Set it on the ground and let it go D. Safety Precautions 1. Make sure you are very careful with the X-ACTO Blade when using it to cut. 2. Do not blue fingers together. 3. Keep all materials away from any part of you that can access the inner part of your body. 4. No fooling around. Part E: Data Collections, Calculation, and Graphs a. Data Collections b. Calculations 1. 3.076 m/s 2. 3.030 m/s 3. 3.059 m/s 4. 3.081 m/s 5. 3.170 m/s 6. 3.275 m/s 7. 3.003 m/s 8. 3.074 m/s 9. 3.079 m/s 10. 3.163 m/s c. Graph Part G: Conclusion We found that our rubber band car is very energy efficient. After building our rubber band car, we have tested it 10 times. The average result of all 10 of these trial is that the car travels up to 9 meters within a little under three seconds. Our hypothesis was correct since the car traveled in a linear motion. The rubber band that is connected to the axle of the car is released, making the rear wheels rotate and allowing the car to move forward. We find that teamwork was a very important key to our success. Without teamwork the rubber band car wouldnt have worked asShow MoreRelatedDesigning A Rubber Band Powered Car Essay1090 Words   |  5 Pageswas to construct a rubber band-powered car. This process had two aspects: the assembly of the car and the analysis of the car. With trial and error, the car was assembled successfully. Throughout the project, my partner and I used our knowledge of one-dimensional kinematics. Completing the project with another person ut ilized both our collaboration and communication skills. During the analysis process, we assessed the velocity and acceleration of the car. The rubber band-powered car had to meet aRead MoreInvention of the Automobile Essay2494 Words   |  10 Pages1700s steam power became the new craze. Steam power got the wheels turning amongst many inventors who put it not only on the tracks, but on the road as well. By 1770 the French engineer Nicolas Cugnot used a steam engine to power a three-wheeled vehicle. Steam engines were chugging their way through the U.S. and Western Europe for nearly a century. The next break-through didn’t come with wheels but rather with pages. In 1824, French physicist Nicholas Carnot published a book in which he explainedRead MoreTeaching And Learning Mathematics For Elementary Students1520 Words   |  7 Pageswhat the author was trying to say. I thought the research in general was exceptional. The author does a great job at the beginning of the article describing what STEM is. I liked how he reinforces the idea of STEM by using the example with the rubber band car. Since I had never heard of STEM before, it is good for me to look at an example and see how this example integrated math and science. I liked how the author mentioned test scores to the readers. In a world that is dominated by tests, it isRead MoreThe Wright Brothers1522 Words   |  7 Pagesthe pair better known as the wright brothers. Orville was born on August 19, 1871. Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867. These were the two men who were given the credit of making the first successful aeroplane. They also made the first controlled, powered, heavier than air human flight. They did this on December 17, 1903. In the next 2 years Orville and Wilbur developed this machine into the first fixed wing aircraft. The wright brothers were not the first people to create a flying machine but theyRead MoreThe Wright Brothers1844 Words   |  8 Pageswhatever aroused their curiosity. The Wrights Brothers; Wilbur born in 1867 and Orville born in 1871, they invented the first airplane that is controlled by man. They were inspired in 1878, when their father gave them a toy helicopter that had a rubber band connected to make it fly (â€Å"Wright Brothers†), something so simplicity sparked their curiosity. Before they were experimenting with planes they owned their own newspaper; West Side News, also owned a bike shop in 1892 until 1896 (â€Å"Wright Brothers†)Read MoreA Seminar Report on Sensotronic Brake Control System7505 Words   |  31 PagesABS ASR, ESP and Brake Assist, this system is regarded as another important milestone to enhance driving safety. Also, the system offers features to reduce the driver’s workload. These featured include: 1. Traffic Jam Assist, which breaks the vehicle automatically in the bumper-to-bumper traffic once the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator. 2. The Soft-Stop function, which allows soft and smooth stopping in town traffic. Thus, SBC transforms the conventional hydraulic brakeRead MoreRfid : Sensors And Devices5399 Words   |  22 Pages SENSORS AND DEVICES Submitted by SRI HARSHA MODUKURI RFID BASED AUTOMATED GUDIED VEHICLES IN WAREHOUSES ABSTRACT: An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a system which is used to handle the materials or goods which can be operated independently, and these are guided along fixed pathways. The AGV’s can be of different types based on functionality and manufacturing and are used in hospitals, industriesRead MoreStreet Light16880 Words   |  68 PagesNew street lighting technologies, such as LED or induction lights, emit a white light that provides high levels of scotopic lumens allowing street lights with lower wattages and lower photopic lumens to replace existing street lights. Photovoltaic-powered LED luminaires are gaining wider acceptance. Preliminary field tests show that some LED luminaires are energy-efficient and perform well in testing environments. This project is a LED based Solar Lights is an automatic street lightening systemRead MoreAutomated Guided Vehicle Systems : A Driver For Increased Business Performance Lothar Schulze, Sebastian Behling, And Stefan4050 Words   |  17 Pages SENSORS AND DEVICES Reference: â€Å"Automated Guided Vehicle Systems: a Driver for Increased Business Performance Lothar Schulze, Sebastian Behling, and Stefan Buhrs â€Å" Submitted by SRI HARSHA MODUKURI RFID BASED AUTOMATED GUDIED VEHICLES IN WAREHOUSES ABSTRACT: An automated guided vehicle (AGV) which is a system that is used to handle the materials or goods those can be operated independently, and these systems are guidedRead MorePorters Five Forces Model5836 Words   |  24 PagesAutomobile Industry The auto manufacturing industry is considered to be highlycapital and labor intensive. The major costs for producing and selling automobiles include: Labor - While machines and robots are playing a greater role in manufacturing vehicles, there are still substantial labor costs in designing and engineering automobiles. Advertising Each year automakers spend billions on print and broadcast advertising, furthermore, they spent large amounts of money on market research to anticipate

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Serving as One Free Essays

There are five different options to choose from when deciding to serve the United States of America and the decision can be quite challenging when signing the dotted line. Most people will base their decision off family or friend affiliation with a particular branch, thorough research, or simply because a branch would get them into basic training sooner. Due to a personal experience deploying with the Army as an Air Force member and seeing first-hand how each branch operates was an eye opening experience. We will write a custom essay sample on Serving as One or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are a variety of options and all five branches are ultimately serving as one; the United States Air Force and the United States Army are two very different branches, but also have key similarities. One obvious contrasting factor between the Air Force and the Army is that the two branches wear different uniforms. In the Army, members will wear a uniform known as the Army Combat Uniform, but in the Air Force members will wear a uniform called the Airman Battle Uniform. Although these branches wear different uniforms individuals are required to meet the same dress and appearance standards. For example, members from both branches are required to keep a sharp appearance such as the men having a high and tight hair cut not to exceed one and a half inches in bulk; females are required to wear their hair in a neat bun, not to exceed three inches in bulk, and their hair should not touch their collar. These branches wear different uniforms, but it is guaranteed that the local community will still ask airmen when they joined the Army. The Air Force is more commonly known as the United States’ air power while the Army is known for its ground power when at war. These are based on factual statements, but the Army does in fact have a fleet of helicopters which assists them more closely to the ground; people are familiar with the Black Hawk or Apache. In the same instance, the Air Force is known for its’ fighter jets and bombers, but also have tactical ground fighting units known as TACP and Security Forces. The Air Force’s primary mission is to fly, fight, and win†¦ n air, space, and cyberspace. On the other hand, the Army’s mission is to fight and win our nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders. Clearly these two branches have different mission statements, but in the end, they are equally attempting to accomplish the same mission, which is to win at war. The Army and Air Force both deploy to locations overseas to mainly support Operation Enduring Freedom based in Afghanistan. Depending on the tempo of the mission, a normal deployment for the Army would be nine months, but the Air Force will deploy for six months. When transitioning to an overseas location Army personnel will deploy as a battalion, sometimes even as much as a brigade, which is equivalent to the Air Force’s squadron. The difference is that Air Force personnel will deploy as individuals rather than a squadron which is a much easier process. On the other hand, members from each branch can be tasked as one which is known as a joint tasking. Air Force personnel can be tasked to deploy with the Army; medics from the Air Force can be tasked to the Army and become combat medics after completing the necessary training. When tasked for a joint deployment, the member is required to follow the same standards as that particular branch. Individuals may of truly desired to join a specific branch, but do not be shocked seeing branches tasked to deploy as one! Citizens should understand the variances and resemblances amongst branches of the military, and also have a solid understanding that personnel from each branch have made a sacrifice to serve in the military. Altogether branches of the United States are unique; no branch is superior over the other which seems to be a popular argument when members are in the same room together. There are countless topics that could have been discussed about the particular subject, but the articles mentioned seem to stick out to society. It truly is one military serving the beautiful United States of America. In the end, both branches have their own way of getting the job done, but as discussed they share obvious similarities. How to cite Serving as One, Papers

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Light and calculate refractive Essay Example

Light and calculate refractive Essay In this experiment, a mechanism is prepared to observe the refraction of light and calculate refractive index of water according to the data taken from the experiment. Refraction means the bending of a wave resulting from a change in its velocity as its moves from one medium to another. Since the frequency of a wave cannot change, independent of the source changing its frequency when it originally emits a wave. This change in wave velocity must result from a change in its wavelength in the second medium. [1] As shown in the diagram, when the waves encounter an oblique interface, both their direction and wavelength change. In the instance illustrated, the wavelengths shorten and the reflected rays â€Å"bend toward the normal† as the wave enter the shallow or slower medium: To quantify the degree of refraction, a dimensionless quantity called index of refraction (n) is introduced. Since the refractive index (optical density) of air is equal to 1 (, refractine index of water is equal to sine of angle of light in medium of air ( over sine of angle of light in medium of water (. That’s why slope of the graph vs gives the approximate value of refractive index of water . Figure : Graph of vs Since is proportional to , the graph which is given above is linear. According to the graph above, slope of best fit line gives the experimental value of refractive index of water, slope of worst line with greatest slope gives the maximum value of refractive index of water and the worst line with least slope gives the minimum value of refractive index of water in this experiment. Uncertainty of refractive index of water : Percentage error calculations: CONCLUSION EVALUATION We will write a custom essay sample on Light and calculate refractive specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Light and calculate refractive specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Light and calculate refractive specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In this experiment, refractive index or in other words optical density of water ( is aimed to be found by the help of parallax method. When an ultrasonic wave passes through an interface between two materials at an oblique angle, and the materials have different indices of refraction, both reflected and refracted waves are produced. [3] It can be also told that when any wave strikes a boundary, some of the energy is reflected and some is transmitted or absorbed. [4] This also occurs with light, which is why objects seen across an interface appear to be shifted relative to where they really are. Because, when two or three dimensional wave travelling in one medium crosses a boundary into another medium, the transmitted wave may move in a different direction than the incident wave as shown in the figure below. This phenomenon is known as refraction. For example, if you look straight down at an object at the bottom of a glass of water, it looks closer than it really is. Another good way to visualize how light and sound refract is to shine a flashlight into a bowl of slightly cloudy water noting the refraction angle with respect to the incident angle. Figure : Refraction of wave passing a boundary Refraction takes place at an interface due to the different velocities of the acoustic waves within the two materials. The velocity of sound in each material is determined by the material properties like density for that material. In optics, the ration of the speed of light to the speed (v) in a material is called the index of refraction which is shown with â€Å"n†. Refractive index is also defined as; Snell’s law of refraction describes that when light passes from one transparent medium into another with a different index of refraction, part of the incident light is reflected at the boundary. The remainder passes into the new medium. If a ray of light is incident at an to the surface, the ray changes direction as it enters the new medium. This change in direction or bending is called refraction. Figure : Light refracted passing from air into water Figure above shows a ray passing from air into water. Angle ? 1 is the angle the incident ray makes with the y-axis which is perpendicular to the surface and that angle ? 1 is called the angle of incidence. Angle ? 2 is the angle that the refracted ray makes with y-axis and that angle is called angle of refraction. The angle of refraction depends on the speed of light in two media and the incident angle. Snell’s law declares that; (where n: refractive index of the medium) According to that equation is the angle of incidence and is the angle of refraction. It is clear from the equation above that if than, . This equation of Snell is also known as law of refraction. In the experiment, a straight line is drawn at the middle of the paper and upside of the line is marked as medium of water and downside is marked as medium of air. A transparent semicircular container is put in the part of the medium of water. At last needles are sanked into the paper as shown in the figure below and angles with y-axis are measured. Figure: Mechanism of the experiment In order to find the refractive index of water ( Snell’s law of refraction is used. In the equation refractive index of air ( is taken 1. 00. [5] By using the slope of the best fit line in the graph of vs , refractive index of water is found out to be 1. 331. Maximum value of refractive index is found 1. 400 with the worst line of maximum slope and minimum value is found 1. 251 with the worst line of minimum slope. Uncertainty of the measurement is 0. 074 with the formula of . Furthermore, in 0th trial angle between y-axis in both medium of water and air is 0 °. That means the angle between x-axis is 90 °. There is no refraction just because of the light is perpendicular to x-axis. During the percentage error calculations literary value of refractive index of water is taken 1. 334 (i. e 4/3). [6] So the percentage error is calculated with the formula of and it is found 0. 2 % which is really low error. Difference between expected value (1. 334) and experimental value (1. 331) is 0. 003. The results of the experiment is not different from the expected value of optical density of water. In the graph of vs , the best line passes through point â€Å"0†, that shows there is no systematic error in the experiment. In addition, best fit line of the graph passes through all error bars, that shows there is no random error as well. Furthermore, there are some limitation which affects the results of the investigation. Firstly, the amount of water in the semicircular container is very important. The container should be full of water and there shouldn’t be any empty place in the container. Because it can affect the observation of refraction in water. Thus, adding more water to the container to make observations better can make the observation more effective. Another error source can be the thickness of the semicircular transparent container. In this experiment refraction of light between two different media is observed. However, wall of the container is another medium. That’s why, the thinner the semicircular container is, the more effective the results are. So using a thinner transparent container can be a solution for that limitation. Moreover, using thinner container can be helpful for the observer who looks from the medium of air to see the needle. On the grounds that thinner wall of container makes the observations easier for the experimenter by creating a clear visual material. The temperature of water is an important factor which affects th results of the experiment. Because of that, refractive index values are usually determined at standard temperature. A higher temperature means the liqiud becomes less dense and less viscous, causing light to travel faster in the medium. This results in a smaller value for the refractive index due to a smaller ration. A lower temperature means the liquid becomes denser and has a higher viscosity, causing light to travel slower in the medium. This results in a larger value for the refractive index due to a larger ratio. In addition, refractometers which are laboratory or field devices for the measurement of an index of refraction usually takes measurement for standard temperature (298.15K/25 °C). That’s why, making experiment at standard temperature gives better results. Moreover, refractive index of vacuum which is a measurement of standard temperature is taken used during the calculations. Therefore, during the experiment paying attention to the temperature and trying to make it constant at 25 °C makes the results better. Another limitation is the thickness of the needles. Using thick needles can be misleading for the results of the experiment by affecting observations of refraction. So, thinner needles can solve that error source.

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7 Tips on How to Write a Reasonable Research Critique

7 Tips on How to Write a Reasonable Research Critique 7 Tips on How to Write a Reasonable Research Critique The major ‘key elements’ when writing a reasonable research critique are the study and criticism that are ultimately performed as well as the writing results. Some very simple tips in the sense of ‘magic rules’ are presented below. Tip #1. The collection of literature is typically gradual. For every book or article that we use, we follow the procedure below. First we perform a diagonal reading to determine the relationship of the text with our subject and the degree of the significance of the text. The evaluation of a text can also be done indirectly from the number of petitions, the size of literature, and the relation to the subject of research in the summary or results. Then we incorporate in our literature, some keywords for grouping related texts. Then they shall be read as references (i.e. fragments). Tip #2. Books are interesting in the early stages, as background reading. The articles show much more interest, because they present research results and because in order to write a research paper you should first read many others. Additionally, conferences articles are interesting when they are very recently written (e.g. 2-3 years maximum). Otherwise, there will probably be plenty of corresponding articles in academic journals by the same authors, which usually are more complete and organized. Tip #3. Articles or book chapters must be selected as the first group of interest together and be evaluated as a whole. In other words, several work teams internationally can be engaged in the same or similar subject, so you must decide what approaches are most interesting for your own work. Tip #4. Keep a brief note stuck on the article so as to remember the criticism you did. This is called horizontal or comparative reading. A good benchmark of research papers in a cognitive domain can be an interesting review article (review paper) especially if it is accompanied by repeatedly deeper criticism; comparison and experimental (or theoretical) results. Tip #5. Eventually, some articles or book chapters which you choose to analyze in depth are left (vertical reading). Such articles should be read carefully and you must try to reproduce their entire theoretical and experimental data. Take special care of them; not be boxed in intentional or unintentional oversights of the authors. There are always less well written articles. Also, you can try to get help from the authors (by e-mail). Besides, many times in the authors website you can find internal research reports, containing the results of articles in an expanded form. Tip #6. Generally, above all these tips, the composition of an article can at least in principle be achieved by ‘loans’ from other articles. ‘Loans’ may be reported on the structure, the experimental methodology, text parts etc. The necessary thing is the full reference to the source from which you got the ‘loan’. Tip #7. Finally, it is clarified that critic thought is inextricably linked to the object of analysis. If you need more professional research paper help online, visit our writing service and get a custom written paper online.

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Site and Situation in Urban Geography

Site and Situation in Urban Geography The study of settlement patterns is one of the most important aspects of urban geography. Settlements can range in size from a small village with a few hundred residents to a metropolitan city of over one million people. Geographers often study the reasons behind why such cities develop where they do and what factors lead to their becoming a large city over time or remaining as a small village. Some of the reasons behind these patterns are thought of regarding the areas site and its situation. Site and situation are two of the most important concepts in the study of urban geography. Site The site is the actual location of a settlement on the earth and is composed of the physical characteristics of the landscape specific to the area. Site factors include things like landforms, climate, vegetation types, availability of water, soil quality, minerals, and even wildlife. (i.e., is the area protected by mountains or is there a natural harbor present?) Historically, these factors led to the development of major cities worldwide. New York City, for example, is located where it is because of several site factors. As people arrived in North America from Europe, they began to settle in this area because it was a coastal location with a natural harbor. There was also an abundance of fresh water in the nearby Hudson River and small creeks as well as raw materials for building supplies. Also, the nearby Appalachian and the Catskill Mountains provided a barrier from moving inland. The site of an area can also create challenges for its population. The small Himalayan nation of Bhutan is a good example of this. Located within the worlds highest mountain range, the terrain of the country is extremely rugged and hard to get around. This, combined with the incredibly harsh climate in many areas of the country has made much of the population settle along rivers in the highlands just south of the Himalayas. Also, only 2% of the land in the nation is arable, with much of it located in the highlands, making a living in the country highly challenging. Situation The situation is defined as the location of a place relative to its surroundings and other places. Factors included in an areas situation include the accessibility of the location, the extent of a places connections with another, and how close an area may be too raw materials if they are not located specifically on the site. Though its site has made a living in the nation challenging, Bhutans situation has allowed it to maintain its policies of isolation as well as its own highly separated and traditionally religious culture. Because of its remote location in the Himalayas getting into the country is challenging and historically this has been beneficial because the mountains have been a form of protection. As such, the heartland of the nation has never been invaded. Also, Bhutan now controls many of the most strategic mountain passes in the Himalayas including the only ones into and out of its territory, leading to its title as the Mountain Fortress of the Gods. Like an areas site, however, its situation can also cause problems. For example, Canadas Eastern Provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are some of that countrys most economically downtrodden areas due in large part to their situations. These areas are isolated from the rest of Canada making manufacturing and the little agriculture possible too expensive. Also, there are very few close natural resources. Many are off the coast, and due to maritime laws, the government of Canada itself controls the resources. And, many of the traditional fishing economies they did have are now crashing along with the fish populations. The Importance of Site and Situation in Todays Cities As shown in the examples of New York City, Bhutan, and Canadas East coast, an areas site and situation played a significant role in its development both within its boundaries and on a world stage. This has occurred throughout history and is part of the reason why places like London, Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles were able to grow into the prosperous cities that they are today. As nations around the world continue to develop, their sites and situations will play a large role in whether or not they will be successful. Though todays ease of transportation and new technologies such as the Internet are bringing nations closer together, the physical landscape of an area, as well as its location in relation to its desired market, will still play a large role in whether or not such areas will grow to become the next great world city.

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Leadership and Management Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Leadership and Management Development - Essay Example As the paper discusses  the dynamism in technology and the overall globalization are attributable to the leadership and management styles in today’s organizations, particularly the corporation under consideration. For instance, Barclays bank has an intensive structure of communication from a centralized point. The global operations of Barclays are monitored from a central location. This has been made possible by embracing technology in networking and programming. In fact, the bank’s management is able to monitor millions of transaction daily. This is one of the primary benefits of technology. This study observes that, Barclays bank embraces a considerable level of virtual management compared to physical. The bank has edged competitively in the banking and investment industries through apt leadership and management skills, which are in line with the latest technological trends.From the discussion it is clear that  Barclays bank’s leadership and management cons ist of numerous departments and sub-departments that act as the overall administration unit of the bank. Some researchers term it as the heart beat of the company. It oversees and coordinates all the activities of the bank in a daily basis. In fact, its absence literally implies absence of the bank’s transactions.  The primary function of the management and leadership team of any organization is to work to ensuring high level of alignment between the company’s structure and the attributed strategies intended for execution.... Some researchers term it as the heart beat of the company (LEES, 1992). It oversees and coordinates all the activities of the bank in a daily basis. In fact, its absence literally implies absence of the bank’s transactions. Consider the following structure. Courtesy of Mumford A. and Gold, J. (2006) Management Development: Strategies for Action, London, CIPD Management Strategy and structure alignment at Barclays bank The primary function of the management and leadership team of any organization is to work to ensuring high level of alignment between the company’s structure and the attributed strategies intended for execution. Alignment of the two instruments is fundamental in the overall realization of a firm’s objectives (MULLINS, 2010). For the case of Barclays bank, strict flow of information in both vertical and horizontal directions as illustrated in the management structure remains the core priority. It enables proper conveyance of information of emerging t rends in diverse sectors of the firm. Such information needs to be relayed frequently due the ever-dynamic business milieu (SCHEIN, 1989). Effective managers should apply informal managerial skills to ensure interactive culture with all the stakeholders to facilitate effective leadership that is characterized by inclusiveness. Management and leadership operations As depicted from the structure above, the Barclays bank’s leadership has become more challenging due to the global dynamism that the industry is facing today. The company has become more flexible to change, responsive and less structured (PERREN, & BURGOYNE, 2002). While the CEO’s have remained the ultimate authority, the bank continues to depend on